“I have talked with numerous remodelers who freely admit that they wouldn’t be in business today were it not for the energy and insight Melanie has offered them both as a one-on-one consultant and as an instructor.”
-Sal Alfano, Editorial Director, Hanley Wood Magazines (Remodeling, Replacement Contractor, Journal of Light Construction, Coastal Contractor)

 “She explains every question I have in a way that can be understood. Melanie's experience in the industry helps her to fully understand all of my challenges."
-anon, from Intuit ProAdvisor rating website

“Melanie is a good listener and a quick study. In short order she gets up to speed about what’s going on in your business. Then she provides down to earth and doable solutions for your most pressing - and distressing - organizational problems. Business Systems Management can be an indispensable asset to the small (businessman) wearing too many hats!”
-Charlie A, Cambridge, MA

“With your help I have been able to accurately price jobs, make more money, and save time in estimating, paying bills, tracking invoices, PO’s, etc. Thank you!”
-Mike L, Jenkintown, PA

“Melanie is my 'easy button' for questions in the system, no question too small or big, her quick knowledgeable answers are thorough and accurate."
-anon, from Intuit ProAdvisor rating website

“(Melanie)… helped us with accurately recording job deposits, customer payments, etc., so our accounts receivable was not inflated. Melanie is always available, whether it be a 5 minute question/answer, or needing to schedule an appt with her. She has insight into the process flow in QuickBooks, that has proven to be invaluable. We're very happy we have found Melanie as a resource to help us with QuickBooks and our business."
-anon, from Intuit ProAdvisor rating website


Why Choose Melanie Hodgdon as your construction business consultant?

Most prospective clients have three questions in mind when they consider hiring a consultant or coach for their building, remodeling, or construction trade business:

1. Can the consultant deliver what I need?

Melanie Hodgdon specializes in servicing the needs of construction, remodeling, and related trades businesses. She understands the special needs of these companies and creates custom solutions for each in preference to imposing “one size fits all” packages. From startup companies with $400,000 in volume to established companies in the $10-15 million range, those in a rapid growth phase to those in the process of downsizing, Melanie has provided best practices and down-to-earth advice for over two hundred companies.

2. Will the project be started and completed within my desired timeframe?

While site visits are possible, most work is done remotely via Web-based computer-to-computer connections. This cuts down on office time lost due to travel, enabling Melanie to respond to client inquiries promptly, typically within one business day. Any successful consulting work hinges on shared responsibility: it’s the consultant’s job to interview to understand existing conditions at the company and to provide solutions that will be practical and effective; it’s the company’s job to be honest and realistic in its expectations, and to carry out any required tasks promptly. Therefore, to a certain degree, the completion of the project will depend on the amount of attention given by the client.

3. Can I afford it?

Can you afford not to? If you can’t get good numbers from your accounting software, if you can’t run reliable and accurate job cost reports that give you, your estimator, and your production manager critical information, then are you managing your company based on numbers or faith? Let’s say you got your financials into shape and implemented systems that would enable communications between field and office staff to be clear and timely. Would you be able to price jobs with confidence in your ability to produce the work and hit your target profit figures? What would that capability be worth to you?

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