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Melanie Hodgdon of BSM, Inc. is an "Indispensable asset to the small (businessman) wearing too many hats!"


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"Turning Profit as a Contractor"
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Are You a Contractor Struggling to Manage Your Business?

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Is your company making money?
Do you know how much?

 Are you pricing your jobs according to a strategy that works for your company or are you just trying to undersell the competition?  

 Do you know what your jobs cost you?
Are you constantly revising your estimating method based on feedback from job cost reports?

You Need a Construction Business Consultant

melanie hodgdon at podiumMelanie Hodgdon is a construction business management specialist. She helps contractors, remodelers, and construction tradespeople understand their costs, price their work to make a profit, and bring their business under control. She understands the special needs of these companies and creates custom solutions for each in preference to imposing “one size fits all” packages.

From startup companies with $400,000 in volume to established companies in the $10-15 million range, those in a rapid growth phase to those in the process of downsizing, Melanie has provided best practices and down-to-earth advice for over two hundred companies.

NOTE: Melanie has retired. She is willing to work on an occasional basis with qualified prospects. She can be reached via e-mail at

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