"Melanie is a gem! We were lost in a sea of numbers not realizing that our Chart of Accounts was set up incorrectly. We worked together to design a new system specific to our needs. She taught us new systems and cleared up a lot of accounting misunderstandings. In mediating conversations between employer and bookkeeper, Melanie proved to be priceless. Arguments over finances are now at a minimum and we both see numbers clearly and efficiently!"

-anon, from Intuit ProAdvisor rating website

Still not sure you could benefit from QuickBooks support?

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QuickBooks Services

If you’re ready to start using QuickBooks


  • Do you have a plan for how you’ll use your QuickBooks file?
  • Can you set up QuickBooks so it will be an effective management tool for your business?
  • How long will it take you to train yourself in how to use it?
  • Do you need to convert to QuickBooks from another accounting software package?

If you're already using QuickBooks

  • Could you benefit from a File Assessment and Review?
  • Do the reports you’re getting from your QuickBooks file make sense?
  • Are you getting the biggest bang for your software buck?
  • Are standard reports showing you what you need to see?
  • Is your bookkeeper your only QuickBooks resource?
  • What will happen when your bookkeeper leaves?

We Can

  1. Conduct a needs analysis to ensure that your file meets your needs
  2. Set up your QuickBooks company file so it works for your business
  3. Train you and/or your staff in how to use QuickBooks correctly – right from the start
  4. Help you transition to QuickBooks from another accounting system
  5. Perform a File Assessment and Review on your file
  6. Correct the structure of your company file for improved analysis * train you in how to choose, customize, and interpret reports
  7. Help you maximize the power of QuickBooks for your company
  8. Give you custom solutions to company-specific needs/challenges
  9. Create the custom reports you need (within the software’s capability)
  10. Create customized QuickBooks user manuals for your company, so your bookkeeping is system-based instead of person-based