Learn How To

  1. Establish pricing based on your company's numbers
  2. Price so that profit isn't a happy accident
  3. Identify your company's profit centers
  4. Understand your true production costs
  5. Job cost accurately and in a timely manner
  6. Align your estimating and job costing to improve both

Contractor Services

Pricing and Profitability

  • Is your company making money?
  • Do you know how much?
  • Are you pricing your jobs according to a strategy that works for your company or are you just trying to undersell the competition?

Profit Centers

  • Which types of jobs are cash cows for you?
  • If you do both commercial and residential work, do you know which makes you more money?
  • Is your marketing directed at the customers who will make you the most money?

Job Costing

  • Do you know what your jobs cost you?
  • Can you predict profit on each job?
  • Does your accounting software provide you with accurate and timely job cost reports?
  • Do you know what it really costs your company for an hour of productive field work?
  • Are you getting fully burdened labor dollars into your job cost reports?
  • Are you able to identify slippage and estimating errors based on your job cost reports?
  • Are you constantly revising your estimating method based on feedback from job cost reports?