Learn how to

  • Understand what your financial reports are telling you
  • Manage your company by the numbers
  • Systematize your business
  • Create and document policy-driven procedures to simplify and streamline your business

General Business and Financial Services

General Accounting Issues

  • Does your business suffer from fractionated accounting (you invoice in one piece of software, run payroll in another, and payables in a third)?
  • Are you using your accounting software as a check writer or a management tool?

Financial Analysis

  • Do your financial statements mean more to your accountant than to you?
  • Do you run your company on numbers or your gut?
  • Are you pricing your goods and services based on a plan?
  • Are you making the profit you expect and deserve?

Systems vs. Habits

  • Does your company run on systems or habits?
  • If your bookkeeper leaves tomorrow, would you know how to keep things running?
  • Do you have written procedures to ensure operations continuity in spite of personnel turnover?