Learn How To

  1. Understand and streamline information flow within your company
  2. Assess your office space for efficiency
  3. Simplify filing procedures
  4. Manage paperwork according to rules that you define
  5. Improve data protection practices

Office Organization and Paperwork Management

General Office Processes

  1. Do you have a plan for how information flows?
  2. Is there a “place for everything” and is “everything in its place”?
  3. Is there good “flow” within the office space?
  4. If customers enter your office space, are private and public areas clearly defined?
  5. Are there detailed job descriptions for all positions?
  6. Are there written procedures for all tasks, to maintain continuity?man with too much paperwork

Paperwork Management

  1. Do you routinely lose time hunting for things in the office?
  2. Are files purged each year so that file cabinets contain only current information?
  3. Do you use color coding and other visual aids to simplify filing?
  4. Are files containing confidential information (such as employee records) secure?

Data Protection

  1. Do you make regular backups of key files, and store them off-site?
  2. Are all computers and other key electronics protected by a UPS*?
  3. Are your confidential files password protected?

*uninterruptible power supply, also commonly called a battery backup