Rates, Products and Packages


Charges for services fall into one of three categories:

1. standard hourly rate - please contact us for current pricing
2. standard pre-paid package
3. custom contract pricing - please contact us to receiving customized agreement

The standard hourly rate applies to any service provided, whether given on-site, via remote access, by telephone, fax, e-mail, or for the performance of a service requested by a client (example: asking me to research a particular topic). At this time there is no minimum billable time; if we talk on the phone for 11 minutes, you will be invoiced for 11 minutes. Round-trip travel time for local on-site visits will be charged at this same hourly rate. At this time, when multiple clients from the same area are met on the same day, travel time will be shared proportionally by those clients.

For distance clients (in excess of 100 miles from my office), when several clients from the same area are met during a single trip, total travel costs will be shared. These travel costs (including lodging, meals, travel fee, tolls, parking, etc.) will be calculated proportionally in accordance with the amount of billable time for each client. For example, if I meet with Client A for 10 hours and Client B for 20 hours, Client A and Client B will be charged 1/3 and 2/3 of the total travel costs respectively. Rates for long distance travel time and costs will be determined based on distance, length of total trip, and other potential factors.

Standard pre-paid packages, by definition, must be fully paid in advance of service.

Clients may request custom contract pricing for custom projects and site visits. Typically, a percentage of the contract price will be paid in advance of service.


  • Labor Burden Calculator (Excel spreadsheet) - please contact us for current pricing
  • Markup Calculator - free by request at this time
  • Employee Task Collator - free by request at this time


  • Pre-paid block of 8 hours - 10% discount
  • File Review and Assessment plus 2 hours of follow-up Q&A and discussion - $45 discount
  • Labor Burden Calculator plus 1 hour of instruction and guidance - $50 discount

** Please note that quoted rates are subject to change without notice. **