Consulting: Value to Companies

Working with Consultants (Remodeling, Fall, 2006)

contractor looking at blueprints with coupleA good consultant can be a life raft to someone drowning in business challenges.
Most remodelers are not skilled in every aspect of the business world — and they don't need to be. Part of learning how to thrive and grow in a competitive market means seeking outside help, and there are consultants who can help you become more effective in just about every business area. Many times, these consultants can help identify solutions to problems you didn't even know you had.

Are You a Tradesperson or a Businessperson? (Professional Deck Builder, November, 2007)

man hitting calculator with hammer cartoonAvoid common contractor money mistakes, with these tips
 Ask any deck builder which he’d rather do, hammer nails or punch a calculator, and few, if any, will pick the latter. In fact, most deck builders consider themselves trades- people first and businesspeople second.