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Webinar: Job Costing in QuickBooks for Contractors

NARI National association of the remodeling industry

Watch a seminar presented by Melanie Hodgdon on March 10, 2010 focusing on contractors using QuickBooks in the Remodeling Industry.

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QuickBooks Pro vs. Contractor:
Which Is Better?quickbooks pro quickbooks contractor

As a certified QuickBooks advisor, I am asked by a lot of contractors who are already using QuickBooks Pro ($300 retail) whether upgrading to the Premier Contractor Edition ($500) makes sense for them. The answer, not surprisingly, depends on who's asking the question.

Customizing your QuickBooks Invoice

quickbooks invoice templateOne of the jobs of a QuickBooks professional adviser is to help users print invoices that both satisfy the firm's requirements for accurate recordkeeping and present a clear and visually appealing document to clients. Bear in mind that you may use different templates for different purposes.